62 New Trade Students In 2 Weeks For Trades College Australia


Sometimes your business needs a short-term boost. Our On-Demand contact centre services make it easy to run short term campaigns without the hassle of sorting out hiring, technology and office space.


Trades College Australia needed a quick boost to their enrolment numbers.


An on-demand campaign, running over 6 weeks, with a focused call list.


91 enrolments secured within the first 100 hours, and a further 62 in the following 2 weeks.

Business Goal: A Quick Boost To Enrolment Numbers

Trades College Australia was established to answer a rising demand among both professional workers and employers: critical skill assessment and proof of workplace competence. TCA were looking to make contact with as many trades people and trades teams as possible to keep their enrolments and revenue high.

CDM Direct Benefit: Experienced Sales Agents, Comprehensive Databases.

Trades College Australia utilised CDM Direct’s appointment setting service to generate as many sales leads as possible across Victoria and New South Wales. CDM Direct have access to the right databases to assist TCA in gaining the best quality appointments.


Trades College Australia run a program that provides assurance throughout the employment process, helping qualified tradesmen and women get recognition for their work and find fulfilling careers.

One of their specialities is the assessment process for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

By providing an objective evaluation of trades peoples skills in action, they can produce an official certificate or diploma for talents that will help trades people find meaningful employment, whether entering the workforce, changing careers, getting a promotion or applying for a work visa as a migrant to Australia.


CDM Direct have been contacting trades people directly and also companies who employ trades people and might want to assist their staff gain qualifications.

TCA need to make contact with as many trades people and trades teams to keep their enrolments and revenue high.