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Customer Service Solutions

Solutions that improve customer service and reduce staffing headaches

Customer Service Solutions

High Performing Solutions

Our contact centre solutions help you provide a seamless, cross-channel customer service experience to your customers. We work with you to address the changing demands of your business, whether you're looking for someone to supplement your existing customer service or sales operation or you're looking for someone to take over your entire customer service operation, we work with you to build a solution that aligns with your business goals - whether you're looking to ramp up customer acquisition, or improve the customer experience.

73 percent of Australians prefer human interactions to resolve service issues.
- Accenture
A Customer-Centric Approach

From your contact centre to your e-commerce site, we bring a customer centric approach to the table, providing customer service excellence at every touch point. Our experienced agents represent your brand in a friendly and professional manner and with a focus on making every transaction easy and painless.

Put Quality First

Utilise experienced and trained agents without the hiring cost. Our expect customer service and sales staff have proven abilities to increase customer engagement while taking inbound and making outbound calls, and we're experts in products of a technical or complex nature.

An Extension Of Your Brand

Our sales and service agents become an extension of your brand, trained in the art of providing the best possible customer experience to meet your business goals.

Our customer experience experts will work to understand what drives your business and how you define success. We then work together to build a customer experience solution that will deliver results.
Hit Your Sales Targets

Whether you need to boost your bottom line through a customised outbound campaign or match a marketing campaign with expert inbound sales staff, we'll work with you to hit your sales targets.

Up All Night

Running an all night operation in-house can be expensive, but so can missing out on revenue because your customers can't get their questions answered at 2 in the morning. In today's ultra-connected 24/7 world it's vital that your customers can interact with you when they want to.

Reduced Risk

Improved Compliance & Security

Flexibility & Stability

Greater Control Over Costs

We Get Results

Five steps to a better customer experience.

You may have spoken to CDM Direct and not even known it! We've learned how to seamlessly maximise customer relationships using a cross-platform approach, and we're experts at providing a unique and agile solution to match your business.

Because we know every business is unique, we take you through a tailored process to ensure we are providing the very best customer experience solution for your business.

Step 1 - Assess Your Needs

Who are your customers? How many enquiries do you receive and across which platforms? What are their common questions and issues? These are just a few of the questions that we ask up front to make sure that we know exactly what we need to do to keep your customers happy.

Step 2 - Design A Tailored Trial Campaign

Once we have an understanding of your needs, we will create a tailored trial campaign for your business that outlines exactly what we will be doing and how we will be helping to provide your customers with superb customer service.

Step 3 - Handle The First Enquiries

When you give us the nod, we proceed to start a trial campaign, typically of 100-250 hours. During this period our team of customer service experts are in constant contact with you to ensure we are hitting our targets and delivering high quality service to your valuable customers.

Step 4 - Assess The Results

Upon completion of the trial, we will go back over the campaign and generate an after action report which outlines what we did, what worked, and what didn’t. At this point we have a much better idea of how we can help you with your customer service on an ongoing basis.

Step 5 - Maximise & Scale

After reviewing our report and confirming you would like us to continue, we can scale your campaign up significantly to handle most or all of your customer service enquiries.

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