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Customer Retention Solutions

Industry leading bespoke CX dashboards from our partners at Watermelon.

Keep your finger on the pulse and hear the voice of your customers in real-time from one place.

Imagine being able to hear the voice of your customers from one bespoke, customisable, branded online dashboard. When it comes to CX, nothing beats being able to hear what your customers have to say in real time.

We work together to explore what your dashboard needs to deliver and then build one based on your business needs. It can combine not only real-time VoC data but also data from secondary sources and/or social media data.

Your dashboard is customised not only for your company but also at the user level - we understand different users need different data.

Make Sense Of Big Data

Our dashboards bring together customer data from a range of sources and make sense of it for your company.

Easy To Use

The intuitive interface means no lengthy training. The data is displayed in a way that makes sense to your company.

Amazingly Inexpensive

Understanding your data shouldn't cost the earth. You'll be pleasantly surprised when we tell you how much it will cost.

Socially Ept

Our dashboard brings together data from multiple sources, including your social media profiles, to present a holistic view.


CDM Direct Partner With Watermelon To Deliver Best-In-Class VoC Solutions

Watermelon are specialists in the VoC space, working with many of the worlds top brands to enable them to not only collect VoC and NPS data but also to take effective loyalty-building actions, based on a deep and rapid understanding of the voice of their customers.

Watermelon are the specialists in understanding your customers' voice and the fastest growing company within the Chime Communications Group. They offer real-time, highly responsive Voice of Customer platforms not available elsewhere in the market.

Their solutions make it possible for world-class brands to take effective loyalty-building actions, based on a deep and rapid understanding of the voice of their customers. Through their partnership with CDM Direct, they have the ability to engage with your customers to understand their voice and transform it into tangible actions to deliver improved results for your business.

And as part of Chime Communications, they fully understand the bigger picture when it comes to providing insight.

The Following Companies Are Already Using A Watermelon Dashboard:

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