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Contact Centre Solutions

Databases get dirty fast.
Get data you can trust.

Your database is valuable.

You know how valuable your customer database is. Clean and complete data is essential if you want your business to be successful, but updating that data takes valuable time and resources that many businesses don't have to spare.

Keep your database up to date by engaging us to call your customers and update their details.

Whether you're looking for someone to call your database before a bigger campaign or as part of a membership or donor drive, CDM Direct offers a database cleansing service that can work for your business.
Improve Customer Engagement.

A clean, refreshed database gives you important insights allowing you to spend more time engaging with the right customers. Avoid the embarrassment of sending out incorrect or irrelevant marketing material and use our team to gain real insight into your customer base.

We can call your entire contact list to update their data, and at the same time find out new information adding depth to your database, allowing you to create highly targeted and relevant campaigns. We'll clean, refresh, enrich and scrub every single contact giving you the right data fast.

Enrich Your Database

We know how damaging one wrong letter can be for your brand. CDM Direct makes database cleansing easy. We can call your customers to confirm their details and at the same time enrich that data with new information and insights, giving you a database that will help you make smarter decisions and improve your marketing ROI.

Got a list of phone numbers? Adding email addresses to your database might just be the best move you've ever made - and it goes beyond just sending email marketing. Ask us why!

Customer Lists

Shareholder Databases

Membership Organisations

Charity & Donor Lists

Ready to improve customer loyalty, engage with the right customers, and drive accurate and intelligent targeted marketing?

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Telemarketing Specialists

Increase sales and promote your business through outsourced telemarketing.

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Why CDM Direct?


We have over 25 years of experience working across a wide range of fields.


Our people become your people, offering the highest standard of service to your customers.


From 1 to 100 seats (or more!) we can scale up and down quickly in response to your changing needs.


Our agents interact with your customers via phone, email, social media or even out in the field.

24x7 Operation

We're there for your customers when they want to interact with you.

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