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Customer Retention Solutions

Industry leading customer experience improvement programmes.

Improve customer retention, customer loyalty, and customer service with real-time actions driven by the Watermelon dashboard and bespoke solutions that close the loop and deliver improved customer service outcomes.

Close the loop on customer experience

The way your customers feel after an interaction is arguably the most important indicator of whether they will become return customers and whether they will advocate for your brand, or against it. This is customer experience.

It’s long been accepted that the way to set your business apart is to offer a unique customer experience, one that leaves a positive impression after every interaction.

Our solutions listen to customer voices in real-time and act accordingly - whether that is re-engaging with a disgruntled customer or monitoring a situation to future proof against further occurrences.

Our customer experience programmes take real-time data and translate it into real-time actions, closing the loop on customer experience issues and delivering more satisfied customers.
Customer-centric improvement

The relationship you have with your customers is made up of multiple events across multiple touch-points. We capture customer views across multiple touch-points including social media, and then our rapid-response teams swing into action to address any issues in accordance with our agreement with you.

By addressing these issues when they arise, and ‘closing-the-loop’ on individual events whilst simultaneously futureproofing against re-occurances, your customer satisfaction improves in real-time. This data is fed back into your CX dashboard, creating a living picture of macro and micro level business issues that can affect your customer satisfaction levels.

And because we know that in business the landscape can change in mere minutes, we’re constantly adapting for provide the best possible approach.

Closing The Loop


The Trigger

Your customer makes contact via any channel to express dissatisfaction. Whether the result of a phone call, social media, or completion of a survey.

Rapid Response

CDM Direct swings into action, quickly assessing the situation and determining the best way to re-engage your customer within defined boundaries.

Closing The Loop

CDM Direct contacts customers to offer resolution of specific issues, while our CX consultants identify and suggest solutions to wider issues.

Collate The Data

The customer feedback is pushed to your dashboard. Wider trends are identified and possible solutions suggested.

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