Our flexible, dedicated team can maximise your inbound sales campaign's results.

From handling sales calls to processing orders, we can service your sales campaign 24x7 with a friendly, knowledgeable team.


Are you looking to maximise every inbound sales opportunity? Increase your strike rate and drop your cost of acquisition with a seamless, cross-channel inbound sales solution. CDM Direct develop unique and agile solutions that can scale with your business, giving you the ability to maximise profit and get closer to your potential customers.


Did you know that 83% of consumers need some sort of customer support while making an online purchase?

With new technologies changing the acquisition process in many industries, your customers are now more informed than ever. It's important to ensure the sales process is as straightforward as possible and that you make the most of every opportunity to make that sale. Our professional sales consultants can be available to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and they can provide the complete contact centre experience. We can manage your incoming phone, live chat, email and social media enquiries.


Research shows that no matter how intuitive your e-commerce site is, there will always be those who will walk away without some sort of human intervention. Our inbound sales teams can help you target customers that are close to converting and give them that little nudge they need to get across the line. Whether they've abandoned their cart or there has been a payment issue, our teams can proactively reach out to your customers and find out what's going on.



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Five Steps To More Effective Inbound Sales

We make the most of every sales opportunity for brands every day. You may have even spoken to us without knowing it! We've learned how to maximise every opportunity to make a sale and the importance of taking a cross-platform approach, and we're experts at providing a unique and agile solution to match your business.

Because we know every business is unique, we take you through a tailored process to ensure we are providing the very best inbound sales solution for your business.

Step 1 - Assess Your Needs

Who are your customers? How many enquiries are you expecting? What time of day are they likely to call? These are just a few of the questions that we will find out up front to make sure we know exactly what we need to do to make this campaign a success.

Step 2 - Design A Tailored Trial Campaign

Once we have an understanding of your needs, we will create a tailored trial campaign for your business that outlines exactly what we will be doing and how we will be helping your business to achieve its sales goals.

Step 3 - We Generate Your First Sales

When you give us the nod, we proceed to start a trial campaign, typically of 100-250 hours. During this period our team of sales experts are in constant contact with you to ensure we are hitting our targets and delivering high quality service to your valuable customers.

Step 4 - Assess The Results

After the trial is complete, we will go back over the campaign and generate an after action report which explains what we did, what we feel worked, and what didn’t. At this point we have a much better idea of how we can help you with your customer service on an ongoing basis.

Step 5 - Maximise & Scale

After reviewing our report and confirming you would like us to continue, we can scale your campaign up significantly to handle most or all of your inbound sales enquiries.

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