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Do you see the cost benefits of outsourcing off shore but worry about the reaction of your customers? Our New Zealand Near Shore solutions provide significant cost benefits, without the culture gap.


Superannuation, Payroll Tax, Workers Compensation. These additional on-costs can equate to 17% in Australia, while in New Zealand they equate to just 3.8% - with staff superannuation being optional, and a lack of payroll tax offering further savings. In real dollar terms, a 200-FTE operation can save over AUD$1.5mil by offshoring to New Zealand.

Office Space is cheaper in New Zealand, and it is not unusual for a company to enjoy a 50% or more reduction in their office space costs in New Zealand versus Australia. For a 200-FTE operation this could be approximately AUD$500,000 per annum.

Salaries in New Zealand cities come in lower than they are in Australian cities, leading to a significant reduction in workforce costs.

Off-Shoring is often driven by the cost savings, but it's important to consider the end-to-end operation. New Zealand offers a range of benefits that make it a common-sense solution.

One of the most cited complaints with off-shore solutions is the apparent culture gap that often appears.

New Zealand is culturally very similar to Australia, both sharing a British colonial past and English being the primary language spoken in both countries. A common passion for sports and Australia's tendency to claim successful New Zealanders as their own (Crowded House anyone?) means that conversations with New Zealanders feel as natural as speaking to a neighbour.


The closest accent in the Anglosphere to Australian English is New Zealand English, and with more than 650,000 New Zealanders living in our wide brown land, the New Zealand accent is familiar and accepted.

Accents that are unfamiliar or difficult to understand often lead to customer dissatisfaction and poor customer service outcomes, meaning that the money saved by offshoring can quickly evaporate through reduced market share.

The New Zealand accent carries none of the negative connotations that accents from other popular outsourcing countries attract.


A less regulated labour market that is less regulated, more flexible and less unionised than the market in Australia helps New Zealand rank in the top 10 countries in the world for efficiency. Sick leave is only 5 days a year versus the 10 in Australia. Personal tax is capped at 33% and corporate tax is only 28%. Capital Gains Tax is limited.

Flexible working arrangements and lower after-hours costs mean that New Zealand becomes an attractive alternative for overnight and 24x7 operations.

New Zealand is a shorter flight from East coast cities than Perth, with regular direct flights from a choice of airlines. This reduced travel time makes it easy when transitioning to a new operation or when you want to keep a more hands-on role within the contact centre - especially when compared to other popular off-shore destinations.

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