Proactive Support

The New Frontier In Customer Experience


In our ultra-connected 24/7 world, real-time communication is the norm, not the exception. Customers expect brands to be available 24/7 and the easiest way to meet that expectation is by providing live chat support.

Live chat redefines the customer experience. Customers find it to be familiar, convenient and secure. There’s no room for error from mishearing someone, and there is a written record of the interaction. For businesses, live chat is efficient and effective – agents are able to help more customers in a shorter period of time, and the ease of gaining insights can make it a powerful tool when looking at your product offerings and customer experience.

So instead of questioning the value of live chat, let’s instead ask: how do we get more value from live chat?

One of the biggest, yet most underutilised benefits of live chat is that is can be used as a proactive support channel. Unlike email and phone support which are traditionally limited to offering reactive support, agents can use chat to start engagements and offer relevant support to your customers before they even ask for help.

The new paradigm for customer experience is about making it easier for the customer to use your product by anticipating their needs.

Offering proactive support in a non-intrusive way can be the difference between a customer completing their purchase or abandoning their shopping cart. In fact, research suggests that 55 percent of adults are likely to abandon their online purchases if they cannot find a quick answer to their questions. This is exactly where the growth opportunity exists – thoughtful customer service drives more conversions.

The new paradigm for customer experience is about making it easier for the customer to use your product by anticipating their needs. This is exactly what proactive chat gives you the ability to do. Imagine the following scenario: your customer is clearly shopping. They’re clicking on products and have put a few in their cart. But now they’re lingering on the same page on your site. The customer is clearly interested in your product but they’re hesitant to make the next move.

So how do you convert this customer from a window shopper to a buyer?

Proactive chat gives your support team the ability to jump in at any point throughout the purchase process to say “Hi, If you need any help, I’m here”. And sometimes, that’s all it takes. Customers will either close the window, or they’ll respond.

It’s important to be proactive because it breaks the ice. Many customers are reluctant to initiate the conversation. But when help is offered it’s hard to turn down. It’s no coincidence that increased engagement between agents and customers leads to lower cart abandonment rates and more purchasing.

To a degree, many of these icebreakers can be automated. For example, CDM Direct offers the ability to set a range of triggers which are a list of requirements that must be met prior to a customised message being sent. An agent is immediately engaged when the customer responds.

Today all businesses are striving to be operationally efficient so they can continue to improve the customer experience without the overhead of increasing head count. Proactive support extends the power of live chat and helps businesses to build incremental growth by contacting customers when they’re ready to buy.

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