Real-Time or Bust

Customers Demand Real-time Responses: Study

Unprecedented access to technology, data and choices has put the consumer in control of their buying decisions like never before. That’s the message from a new report released by Salesforce Research.

And according to their new ‘State of the Connected Consumer’ report, a whopping 64 percent of consumers expect companies to respond and interact with them in real time, while 80 percent said that when a company does respond immediately, their loyalty to that brand increases.

And in more bad news for business, half of all global consumers are likely to switch brands if their needs are not anticipated, and almost three quarters said they would feel the same if the checkout process wasn’t easy and straight forward.

Seventy percent of consumers agree that technology has made it easier than ever to take their business elsewhere.

– Salesforce

That’s because in a connected world, it only takes a click to find another brand that offers a better experience. Marketplace success is no longer only defined by a company’s ability to cater to customer needs, but to intelligently predict and fulfil those needs before the customer even asks.

And this extends beyond the desktop onto the mobile, with 57 percent of those surveyed saying it is ‘absolutely critical’ or ‘very important’ that companies have an easy to use mobile experience.

What do these findings mean for businesses? Connected customers’ expectations have created an intelligence imperative. This means a focus on the relationship rather than on the sales pitch and utilising customer data to deliver personalised marketing.

But most importantly, businesses now need to embrace a culture of immediacy with real-time service. That means not just being available when the customer wants to buy, but being able to reach out and make contact when something goes wrong – utilising data from your own communication channels and social media then offering a rapid response to proactively prevent customer churn.

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