Staples Reconnects With 1000+ Past Customers In 12 Weeks

The current employment climate has meant that the Staples Sydney office has been struggling to find good, capable staff to manage their customers.


Staff attrition lead to a short staffed team and a slowly dwindling market share.


CDM Direct were able to have 4 dedicated agents on the phones within 24 hours


1000+ past customers contacted and reconnected with Staples.

Business Goal: Reconnect & Retain

Staples point of difference is their strong ongoing business relationship, fostered by a dedicated point of contact for each and every customer. Following on from natural attrition, they found themselves short-staffed and with over 1,000 customers who had failed to re-order over a 3 month period.

Staples knew that they needed to reconnect with these customers in order to protect their market share.

CDM Direct Benefit: Experienced Outbound Marketers

CDM Direct have a team of experienced telemarketers ready to go. With customer service underpinning the Staples brand identity, CDM Direct’s focus on providing friendly customer service made them a good fit.


Staples is one of Australia’s leading B2B stationary providers but over the last few years they have been slowly losing their hard-earned customers and market share, due to increased competition.

Staples’ point of difference is their strong ongoing business relationship, fostered by a dedicated contact point for each and every customer, no matter how big or small. However, due to staff attrition Staples found themselves short 4 account managers to manage their customers.

As a result, over 1000 customers had not had contact with Staples for 3 to 4 months and organic re-ordering was beginning to slow. Staples were concerned that their customers could be moving to another provider


CDM Direct were able to provide advice and staffing solutions to assist Staples to meet their goal. 4 staff members were provided who hit the ground running and acted quickly to make direct contact with their customers.

These staff were deployed on-site at the Staples Sydney office.