Your Data For Sale

Investigation finds offshore centres target of data theft.

data hacking

Australian customers of Optus, Telstra and Vodafone are being targeted by corrupt insiders at offshore contact centres who are offering their private details up to anyone prepared to pay, according to reports in Fairfax newspapers today.

An exclusive investigation by Fairfax Media focussed on AI Solutions, just one of potentially several private companies selling phone records, home addresses and other private details for between $350-$1000 or more.

The investigation also revealed that this has been occurring for several years, with Optus calling in the federal police to investigate.

The revelation just further highlights the risks facing Australian consumers and businesses when outsourcing their contact centre operations overseas, where personal and private data is frequently collected and stored offshore, where it may be more difficult to ensure the security of data.

The investigation highlighted how easy personal data including home address, date of birth, alternative phone numbers, call and text history, and other data and metadata could be accessed. Alarmingly AI Solutions offers ‘different rates’ for VIPs, including politicians, police and celebrities.

Such information would be of use to companies engaged in corporate espionage, marketing firms, and organised criminals seeking to engage in identity fraud or to locate people, or to foreign intelligence or terrorist groups seeking to use the information to commit heinous acts.

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