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100% Increase in Customer Survey Response



Business Goal: Measure Customer Sentiment 

The client knew that conducting surveys were crucial to measuring customer sentiment, but that using their own staff was distracting them from income generating activities.

  • Drive accurate, intelligent & targeted results
  • Identify, target & attract new customers 
  • Engage with the right customers  



The client was conducting over 2,000 surveys per month to measure their customer service levels, but by using their own staff to complete them, they were finding that it was distracting them from income generating activities. Additionally, they were finding that many surveys were not fully completed.

These surveys were crucial for measuring customer sentiment, but the management time devoted to the process and limited resources meant KPIs were not being met.



The client knew they needed to make a change and outsource their surveys so they could get the information they needed to meet the quality demanded by their clients. That’s where CDM Direct was able to offer an experienced team of surveyors to provide valuable insight into customer sentiment, whilst allowing their client’s staff to focus on income generating activities.



From the date CDM took over, the survey completion rate per hour jumped up by over 100%.

This gave them double the feedback they needed to make key business decisions, improved customer satisfaction and it meant more management time was spent on other revenue generating activities.

Ever since, the client now uses CDM year round to manage and complete surveys across 3 of its brands, and has expanded the project to include its UK branches with CDMs 24/7 capabilities.

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