Omnichannel, Chat & Social Media

Omnichannel, Chat & Social Media

Elevate Your Customer Engagement Strategy

Engage with customers across all touchpoints

Elevate your customer engagement strategy by leveraging CDM Direct's technology and customer insights-driven omnichannel, chat, and social media solutions. Connect with your audience across all touchpoints, fostering meaningful connections and memorable experiences that drive brand loyalty and long-term success. From our new facility in Fiji we deliver the world-class service your customers expect while saving your money.
Omnichannel Approach
Seamlessly integrate all customer touchpoints, including voice, email, chat, and social media, for a unified customer experience.
AI-Powered Chatbots
Utilise artificial intelligence-driven chatbots to provide instant, accurate responses to customer inquiries, reducing wait times and enhancing satisfaction.
Social Media Monitoring & Engagement
Monitor social media platforms for brand mentions and engage with customers proactively to address concerns and capitalise on opportunities.
In-Depth Analytics
Gain valuable insights into customer behaviour and preferences, enabling data-driven improvements to your engagement strategy.

What would you like to achieve today?

Even if you do not know exactly what services you need, you probably do know what business results you want to achieve. Whether that's to reduce your costs, improve your customer metrics, make more sales, or use technology to transform CX, use this form to get in touch for an initial chat about your goals.

What Would You Like to Achieve

The benefits of modern contact centre technology

Foster meaningful connections and memorable experiences across all channels.

Happier Customers

Enhance customer satisfaction by delivering prompt, personalised support across multiple channels.

Faster Response Times

Reduce response times with AI-powered chatbots and real-time social media monitoring, ensuring quick issue resolution.

Replace Obsolete Technology

Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative customer engagement strategies.

Results we have delivered

Our Casestudies

Credit24 – live chat for inbound sales

Using live chats to assist customers reduced staff costs and increased the likelihood of customers taking a loan by 87%
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Scandia – outsourcing customer to improve grade of service

Reduction in customer complaints and 29% boost in grade of service
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