Back Up Staffing & Overflow

Back Up Staffing & Overflow

Seamless scalability by CDM Direct

Maintain exceptional customer service during periods of high demand

Ensure your business never misses a customer interaction with CDM Direct's on-demand overflow contact centre service. Our flexible solution offers scalable support during peak periods and busy times, allowing you to turn services on and off as needed, providing optimal responsiveness to fluctuating call volumes. From our new Fiji facility we deliver world-class service at competitive pricing.
Scalable Support
Our solution effortlessly expands and contracts with your call volume, providing the necessary support when you need it most.
Flexible Availability
Turn our services on and off as required, ensuring cost-effective management during peak periods and seasonal fluctuations.
24/7 Coverage
Maintain round-the-clock customer service with our dedicated agents available to handle calls, emails, and live chats.
Out-of-Hours Support
Ensure customer satisfaction with after-hours coverage that extends beyond your regular operating hours.

What would you like to achieve today?

Even if you do not know exactly what services you need, you probably do know what business results you want to achieve. Whether that's to reduce your costs, improve your customer metrics, make more sales, or use technology to transform CX, use this form to get in touch for an initial chat about your goals.

What Would You Like to Achieve

Manage peaks smoothly

Manage planned and unplanned contact centre peaks without the cost and hassle of staffing up and down.

Answer All Your Calls (& Emails, Chats ...)

An overflow contact centre service automatically brings you additional capacity to with seasonal and unexpected peaks, ensuring you don’t miss calls or lose business.

Customer Experience & Satisfaction

Answering your calls, emails, and webchats during times of peak demand, and hitting your operational KPIs, all help keep customers happy, sales ticking over, and your reputation in tact.

Scalability & Cost Reduction

Get access to capacity to scale when you need it – helping your business grow much faster – and only pay for the capacity you use rather than have full time staff sitting around.

Solve Staff Shortages

Recruiting short-term casuals for a peak period can be costly and difficult in today’s job market. So don’t do that. An overflow outsourcing partner has trained staff ready to take your calls.

Marketing Support

With an overflow set up in place, any increases in call and contact volumes can easily be handled, freeing up your resources and improving ROI.

Onshore or Offshore Delivery

We can help you reduce overflow costs by 50% or more with our Fiji operation that already handles customer service for some of the biggest and most trusted brands in the world.

Results we have delivered

Our Case Studies

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Scaling up to handle large volumes of direct response calls and increase conversion rates
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Dyson – ramping up a product recall team urgently

Reducing risk, protecting the brand and giving exceptional services by rolling out a product recall hotline within 24 hours
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