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Welcome to CDM Direct, an Australian staff leasing and outsourcing company that provides tailored solutions to helps organisations stay ahead of their competition.

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Even if you do not know exactly what services you need, you probably do know what business results you want to achieve. Whether that's to reduce your costs, improve your customer metrics, make more sales, or use technology to transform CX, use this form to get in touch for an initial chat about your goals.

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Who we are

A well-established, reputable global operation

CDM Direct is part of the TKW Research Group, the largest specialist market research data collection agency in Australia & New Zealand. We focus on delivering incredible customer experiences efficiently and at scale, and accessing the insights from those activities to improve your business.
Experienced Employees
We find and manage exceptional customer-focussed talent for our clients in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.
APAC Locations
With centres in Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland and Fiji we can offer onshore, nearshore or fully offshore delivery to suit your budgets.
Years Experience
We are a stable and profitable company who’ve been around a long time and built a reputation for delivering exactly what our clients need – even if they don’t know what that is when they come to us!

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Why Clients Choose Us

What we can do for your business and your customers

CDM Direct works with some of the strongest brands in the automotive, retail, e-commerce, BFSI, telco, and utilities sectors. We can help you:

Maintain Quality Customer Service Across All Channels

CDM Direct ensures seamless and consistent customer experiences across all communication platforms with our omnichannel solutions.

Attract and Retain Skilled Customer Facing & Back Office Staff

Outsource your contact centre and back office needs to CDM Direct and gain access to a team of experienced professionals dedicated to delivering exceptional service.

Efficiently Manage Costs and Resources

Save on labour and infrastructure costs while optimising ROI with CDM Direct's customised pricing options and flexible contracts, including onshore and offshore delivery options.

Exceed Customer Expectations

Partner with CDM Direct to provide a high-quality customer experience that’s perfectly tailored for your brand and target market, and which beats your competitors into the ground.

Scale Your Contact Centre as You Grow

Effortlessly expand your outsourced operations to match your growing business needs without over-extending yourself, and manage peaks in demand without blowing out costs.

Unlock Valuable Insights with Reporting & Analytics

Empower your business with in-depth, actionable real-time data to make informed business decisions, improve the customer experience and increase conversion rates.

Results we have delivered

Our Case Studies

Nissan – headcount reduction while handling a product recall

Reduced headcount by 18 leading to a 30% cost saving on product recall campaign
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Dyson – ramping up a product recall team urgently

Reducing risk, protecting the brand and giving exceptional services by rolling out a product recall hotline within 24 hours
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365 Roadside Assist – 24/7 Support and Efficient Contractor Management

Faster response times, higher CSAT, increased sales, safer customers
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Scandia – outsourcing customer to improve grade of service

Reduction in customer complaints and 29% boost in grade of service
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