Financial Services

Financial Services

Enhancing customer engagement and operational efficiency

Tailored CX, sales and support strategies for today's dynamic BFSI markets

Customer Experience Transformation

CDM Direct helps banking, financial services and insurance companies improve customer engagement and sales results over multiple channels. We help improve efficiency by handling customer new business enquiries and application processing, making outbound retention and sales calls, and helping out with overflow call handling and digital marketing initiatives.

With our support, clients ensure that their customers and potential customers receive timely and accurate responses, boosting conversion rates and overall customer satisfaction. In a sector where customer trust and loyalty are paramount, and regulatory compliance is a non-negotiable, CDM Direct maintains a commitment to excellence through our rigourous QA, compliance and security processes.


CDM Direct offers a range of targeted services in the finance sector, designed to enhance customer engagement and streamline business processes, catering to the unique demands of modern organisations in the banking, financial services and insurance sector.

Outbound Sales and Customer Engagement
CDM Direct proactively reaches out to both new and existing customers through voice and non-voice channels to increase sales, complete applications, and enhance customer engagement.
Inbound Sales and Application Processing
We ensure your potential customers receive timely and accurate responses at all stages of the buying process, leading to increased conversion rates and customer satisfaction.
Customer Follow-Up and Retention
We conduct follow-up campaigns by voice and digital channels to ensure customer satisfaction and encourage repeat business, increasing the lifetime value of each customer.
Overflow Call Handling
Managing increased call volumes during peak periods or for specific campaigns helps you maximise sales and retention opportunities and prevent potential loss of business.
Digital Marketing and Social Media Campaigns
We create and execute targeted digital marketing campaigns on platforms like Facebook and Instagram and handle the response by phone, email or chat.
Comprehensive Customer Service Management
CDM Direct offers end-to-end customer service solutions, including handling general enquiries, payment processing, claims queries, technical support, app support and more.

Why CDM Direct is your go-to for customer engagement

CDM Direct excels in consumer services for the banking, financial services and insurance sectors, offering seamless support from pre-sale to application to post-sale. Our expertise in regulatory matters ensures customer trust and brand integrity. Utilising customer feedback, we continuously improve our services, making us an ideal choice for businesses seeking to elevate their customer experience.

Customer Retention

24/7 Availability

Our 24/7 support means we're here for your customers whenever they need us, day or night. It's all about providing that constant, reliable service.

Multichannel Support

Whether it's a call, email, live chat, or a tweet, we're on it. We meet your customers where they're most comfortable, making every interaction smooth and hassle-free.

Expert Staff

Our team isn't just skilled; they're automotive whizzes. From account managers to tech support, we're up to speed from day one, ensuring no time is wasted.

Scalable Solutions

Our services grow with you. Whether it's a seasonal rush or a big launch, we adapt quickly to keep things running smoothly.

Data-Driven Insights

We're all about the numbers that matter. With our regular customer satisfaction surveys and data analysis, we help you make smart, informed choices to keep your service top-notch.

Cost Efficiency

Partnering with us means more than just great service; it's about smart savings too. We help you cut costs without cutting corners, especially important when every penny counts after the sale.

Results we have delivered

Our Case Studies

Credit24 – live chat for inbound sales

Using live chats to assist customers reduced staff costs and increased the likelihood of customers taking a loan by 87%
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DTR – outbound follow up increases sales

Follow up calls and emails to non-voice leads boosts sales by 14%
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Morrow Sodali – 90,000+ complex inbound shareholder calls

Achievement: 90,000+ complex inbound shareholder calls for corporate mergers Morrow Sodali Business Goal: Inbound shareholder calls Morrow Sodali is recognised as the Australian industry leader in shareholder engagement and proxy strategies, discrete institutional and retail investor research and corporate governance consulting. They were looking for an ongoing relationship with a company that can provide ongoing support […]
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What our clients say about us

“CDM Direct and its team have been a very important part of our success and growth. It is not always easy to trust another company to service your customers but we’ve never had to question their ability to keep our customers happy.”

Credit 24

HR Business Partner

“Stellantis Australia wholeheartedly endorses CDM Direct for their exceptional customer service management. Their commitment to quality, technical expertise, and clear communication has made them an indispensable partner for our business. We are confident that any organization seeking top-notch customer service solutions will find CDM Direct to be an exemplary choice.”


Senior Customer Care Manager