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87% Of The Customers Gained Confidence With Live Chat

87% Of The Customers Gained Confidence With Live Chat

Business Goal: Increase Inbound Sales

Our client who operates in the finance space in Australia approached us looking at ways on how to increase their inbound sales. This client is an all online finance provider. Their website visitor statistics showed that people were visiting their website but the conversion rate to sales which they were receiving was not favourable.

Being an Omni-channel contact centre, CDM Direct offers services that cover multiple levels and points of contact which includes Live Chat and Social Media.

Solution 1 - Live Chat

There were two main digital elements we introduced in order to increase their inbound sales.

The first element was live chat. 83% of consumers require some degree of customer support while making an online transaction. Live chat enables you to have a real-time conversation with your customers while they are on your website. It’s quick, convenient and customers love it. We introduced live chat onto their website. Live chat provided us with an opportunity to hold our client’s customers’ by the hand and help them overcome objections to get to a buying decision. On a customer satisfaction survey done with these customers, 87% of the customers said that the live chat button gave them the confidence that they can get help if they need it. Not only did live chat help increase sales but also acted as a great opportunity to improve customer satisfaction.

Solution 2 -Social Media

The second digital element we used for this client was using social media as an advertising platform to generate more inbound volume. Our team of Digital Marketers, under the guidance of the client, launched campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. They first met with the client to understand their ‘target audience’ and what messages they wanted to be passed across and in what frequency. After having gathered all these relevant information, our team of Digital Marketers successfully created and launched numerous campaigns which generated a very desirable number of sales.

These two elements helped increase the inbound sales for our client in a very cost-effective manner.


Increase SALE

87% of the customers said live chat button gave them the confidence

exceeding Target

Generate more inbound volume

Cost Effective

Increase the inbound sales for our client in a very cost-effective manner


We are able to adapt to a changing business landscape quickly and seamlessly.


Our people become your people, offering the highest standard of customer service to your customers.


We have over 25 years of experience working across a wide range of fields.


We are experts at getting campaigns into field , and delivering, quickly.


We have made the investment in state of the art of technology so that you don’t have to.