100K Records for In-depth Customer Insights

100K Records for In-depth Customer Insights

Achievement: Improved the database, completed within the timeframe

Data Analytics Company

Business Goal: Business Growth with Accurate Data

Our client who is Australia’s most innovative data specialists were looking at cleaning a specific database of 100K records. CDM Direct understands how valuable a customer database is. Clean and complete data is essential if you want your business to be successful, however updating a considerably large sized database takes valuable time and resources which our client didn’t have.



We not only updated the customer detail for our client but added value to the services we provided them by, finding relevant new information which added depth to the customer database which the client then utilized to create highly targeted and relevant campaigns. We held regular update meetings and supplied them with interim data files so they could see the extent to which we were going to update and collect data. This also gave them the opportunity to tell us what they thought about our techniques and if they wanted the process to be tweaked to suit them.

We not only successfully supplied them back with the 100K records within the given timeframe but added extra value to the database which the client is now reaping the benefits off.

Our team of specialised agents know what needs to be asked in order to collect relevant information for our clients.