Battery World – Improved Call Handling, Maximized Customer Reach

Battery World – Improved Call Handling, Maximized Customer Reach


  • Slashed call abandonment rate, capturing more business
  • Streamlined call routing, improving customer experience
  • Reached 97%+ answer rate ensuring no customer goes unanswered
  • Costs savings of up to 50%

Battery World


CDM Direct partnered with Battery World, a leading Australian car battery retailer and roadside assistance provider, to overhaul their call handling system. Suffering from missed calls, routing errors, and customer frustration, Battery World sought a solution to maximize business and improve the customer journey.



Battery World, with over 100 stores nationwide, offers customers comprehensive car battery services, including a dedicated roadside assistance line. However, their previous call handling model caused challenges: an automated IVR system frequently misdirected customers, and many calls went unanswered due to limitations in the system.



CDM Direct implemented a customized call handling solution tailored to Battery World’s needs:

  • 24/7 Call Coverage: CDM Direct established a dedicated team to answer incoming Battery World calls around the clock. This prevented missed calls and ensured customers always received an answer.
  • Human-Powered Routing: The faulty IVR system was replaced with highly trained and cost effective roadside assistance agents to be able to accurately qualify a caller based on their requirement and to provide roadside assistance and connect them to the nearest service store.
  • Prioritized Escalation: In the event a store couldn’t answer, CDM Direct agents rerouted calls to other nearby locations and used SMS/email alerts to ensure prompt store follow-up.
  • Customer Retention Focus: Where possible, agents also handled simple customer queries directly to prevent frustrated callers from turning to competitors.
  • Improved Technology Capability: The Dixa contact centre and telephony platform deployed by CDM Direct enables omnichannel communication, blended inbound and outbound, plus many other productivity enhancing features previously lacking.


CDM Direct’s partnership with Battery World has delivered dramatic improvements:

  • Near-Zero Abandonment: From a struggling 37% answer rate, Battery World now through CDM Direct’s call handling consistently achieves a 97%+ answer rate in under 10 seconds.
  • Improved Routing Accuracy: Customers are accurately routed to the correct store, enhancing satisfaction and streamlining service delivery.
  • Maximized Business Potential: By capturing previously missed calls and reducing frustration, Battery World has the potential to significantly increase sales conversions.
  • Cost Reduction: The new solution not only improved results across the board, it also reduced the cost of the operation by up to 50%.



By addressing missed calls and unreliable routing, CDM Direct provided Battery World with a crucial customer service advantage. Through seamless call handling and a focus on customer retention, this partnership empowers Battery World to capture opportunities, deliver greater value to customers in need and reduce costs to serve.