Coco Republic – outsourcing to Fiji to improve customer service

Coco Republic – outsourcing to Fiji to improve customer service

Achievements: Reduce labour costs, overcome staff shortages in Australia, and embody the brand’s commitment to personalised service

Coco Republic

Client Profile

Established in 1979, Coco Republic is a high-end, aspirational furniture brand and a family company that has recently expanded internationally. With 15 stores in New Zealand and Australia and a new outlet in California, USA, Coco Republic is renowned for its unique showroom experiences. These showrooms, staffed with dedicated design professionals, offer customers personalised guidance to find statement pieces for their homes, reflecting the brand’s commitment to exceptional service and personalisation.



Steve White, Head of Customer Service at Coco Republic, faced a significant challenge in maintaining the brand’s high standards of customer service, particularly in translating the personalised showroom experience to after-sales service. The Australian labour market’s constraints, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, led to difficulties in attracting and retaining the right staff. This issue was compounded by the home renovation boom during the lockdown, which increased demand but also highlighted the company’s inability to respond as it wished to all customer service requests, risking revenue loss.



Coco Republic embarked on an innovative journey to find a staffing solution that matched their passion for customer service. Their search led them to CDM Direct and the island of Fiji, an unexpected but fitting choice given the circumstances. The Fijian team was responsible for translating the high-touch, personalised in-store experience of Coco Republic into the after-sales service. The entire process from proposal to moving forward took about a fortnight, a testament to the efficiency and responsiveness of CDM Direct.

Coco Republic was actively involved in the recruitment process, with Steve White personally interviewing each staff member. The average recruitment lead time was approximately seven days, significantly faster than in Australia. The lower cost of employment in Fiji compared to Australia enabled Coco Republic to double their intended workforce, improving their customer service capabilities. There was a strong cultural alignment between Fiji and Australia, and between the CDM Fiji team and the Coco team. The Fijian team members were found to be respectful, hardworking, and driven, aligning well with Coco Republic’s work culture.



Partnering with CDM Direct in Fiji proved to be a resounding success for Coco Republic. The collaboration not only addressed the immediate staffing challenges but also significantly improved customer service metrics across the board. The Fijian team’s ability to embody the brand’s commitment to personalised service has been instrumental in maintaining Coco Republic’s reputation for excellence in customer care. This success has led Coco Republic to integrate CDM Direct into its long-term strategic plans, foreseeing a lasting and beneficial partnership.



“Our collaboration with CDM Direct has been a pivotal moment for Coco Republic. The team in Fiji has seamlessly translated our showroom ethos into our after-sales service, helping us to overcome significant challenges in the Australian labour market and at the same time elevating our customer service standards. We are thrilled with the results and look forward to a long-term relationship with CDM Direct. Their contribution has been invaluable in maintaining the high level of service our customers expect from us.” – Steve White, Head of Customer Service, Coco Republic.