DTR – outbound follow up increases sales

DTR – outbound follow up increases sales

Achievements: Reduced costs and a 14% increase in sales in just 3 months


Business Goal

Our client has 23 branches all across New Zealand. The internal staff at those branches has the responsibility of not only dealing with customers who walk into the branch but also work on increasing applications through phone calls and emails (non-face to face channels). However, having their hands full with face to face sales, they could not dedicate enough time to do follow up calls and emails to new customers in the endeavour to increase sales from non-face to face channels.



They reached out to CDM Direct with an opportunity for outbound sales with the task of contacting customers via phone and email to complete applications and on-board as many new customers as we could while contacting current and lapsed customers for further engagement.



Once CDM Direct started on the tasks set, the client noticed a vast increase on the number of sales they were making. CDM Direct was treated as a ‘branch’ on its own which produced the highest number of sales from a non-face to face channel. The client was extremely pleased with the level of service and the outcome we were producing and as such engaged us in many other campaigns to promote their business such as application processing, inbound overflow and other bespoke outbound campaigns.

The team started with 2 agents which over time increased to 5 agents due to the volume of work we were completing for the client.

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