Morrow Sodali – 90,000+ complex inbound shareholder calls

Morrow Sodali – 90,000+ complex inbound shareholder calls

Achievement: 90,000+ complex inbound shareholder calls for corporate mergers

Morrow Sodali

Business Goal: Inbound shareholder calls

Morrow Sodali is recognised as the Australian industry leader in shareholder engagement and proxy strategies, discrete institutional and retail investor research and corporate governance consulting. They were looking for an ongoing relationship with a company that can provide ongoing support to their campaigns while maintaining strong quality and confidentiality protocols.


CDM Direct benefit – Improve compliance and security

When outsourcing your operations, it’s important to consider compliance and security and to choose an organisation that takes these areas seriously. CDM Direct has strong protocols in place to prevent fraud and assure compliance with regulations such as PCI DSS.

With thorough background checks during the hiring process to restricted internet and mobile use on the contact centre floor, CDM Direct is far more diligent when it comes to security and compliance than the average organisation.



GPS is located in Sydney, and since 2006 has executed more than 500 campaigns for transactions valued at $515 billion.

Each quarter, they conduct a survey of 1000 shareholders across Australia to seek their views and gauge their confidence in the Australian share market.

GPS also required expert advice lines available to shareholders who’s companies were going through mergers and take-overs with the specific purpose to provide expert advice to shareholders – such as what was happening, the offer being presented, and how and where to vote to list a few.



GPS has engaged CDM Direct on outbound calling campaigns, such as ringing up to 20,000 shareholders across Australia and New Zealand to encourage shareholders to vote on an upcoming scheme, and to provide expert advice on the schemes being put forward, while simultaneously providing an inbound advice line running parallel with the outbound campaign.

CDM now conducts all quarterly surveys for GPS’s 1000 shareholders and operates all critical advice lines during key acquisition stages.

GPS now rely on CDM Direct for regular campaign support knowing we can maintain quality and confidentiality.