365 Roadside Assist – 24/7 Support and Efficient Contractor Management

365 Roadside Assist – 24/7 Support and Efficient Contractor Management

Achievements: Faster response times, higher CSAT, increased sales, safer customers

365 Roadside Assist


CDM Direct partnered with 365 Roadside Assist, a renowned roadside assistance company, to enhance their customer experience and improve their overall operations. This case study will discuss how CDM Direct managed 365 Roadside Assist’s call centre operations, contractor management, membership upselling, and spare parts purchasing while addressing customer safety concerns.



365 Roadside Assist is a company that provides roadside assistance services to customers facing vehicle breakdowns, flat tires, dead batteries, and other car- related issues. To deliver excellent services and ensure customer satisfaction, the company needed a reliable and efficient partner who could manage their end-to-end processes, including call handling, contractor management, and upselling.



CDM Direct stepped in to provide comprehensive support for 365 Roadside Assist, taking charge of the following key areas:

  1. 24/7 Call Handling: CDM Direct set up a dedicated 24/7 call centre to handle all incoming calls for 365 Roadside Assist. This enabled customers to receive prompt assistance regardless of the time or day they experienced an issue. CDM Direct’s well-trained staff efficiently processed customer requests and provided relevant information about the expected arrival time of contractors and safety precautions to ease customer concerns.
  2. Contractor Management: CDM Direct managed a network of repair and service contractors, ensuring they were dispatched to customers in need promptly. By effectively coordinating with contractors, CDM Direct helped 365 Roadside Assist maintain a high level of customer satisfaction while keeping service response times to a minimum.
  3. Membership Upselling: While handling calls, CDM Direct staff identified opportunities to upsell 365 Roadside Assist memberships. This led to an increase in membership subscriptions, providing additional revenue for the company.
  4. Spare Parts Purchase: In instances where customers required spare parts for their vehicles but were not covered by their existing plans, CDM Direct handled the purchase process. This ensured a seamless and hassle-free experience for the customers, further enhancing their satisfaction.
  5. Customer Safety: For customers who were worried about safety concerns due to breaking down in the dark or in remote locations, CDM Direct’s staff provided reassurance and support. They offered practical advice to customers, such as remaining in their vehicles and using hazard lights, while also emphasizing the swift arrival of contractors to resolve their issues.


By partnering with CDM Direct, 365 Roadside Assist achieved the following results:

  1. Improved customer satisfaction due to 24/7 call handling and prompt dispatch of contractors.
  2. Faster response times, resulting in a higher rate of successful service
  3. Increased membership subscriptions due to effective upselling
  4. Streamlined spare parts purchasing, ensuring seamless customer
  5. Enhanced customer safety and peace of mind by addressing concerns and providing support.


CDM Direct’s involvement in managing 365 Roadside Assist’s operations led to significant improvements in customer satisfaction, membership subscriptions, and overall efficiency. By handling calls around the clock, coordinating with contractors, and addressing customer concerns, CDM Direct played a vital role in driving the success of 365 Roadside Assist.