Staff Leasing

Staff Leasing

Flexible and affordable staffing solutions by CDM Direct

Optimise your workforce

When it's difficult to find qualified staff in Australia and New Zealand at an affordable rate, CDM Direct's flexible staffing services can provide you with access to skilled onshore and nearshore professionals. Seamlessly integrating with your internal teams, we can save you time and money while improving productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Whether you need customer service, collections, sales, back office, accounting, or admin staff, we find and employ them for you, and manage payroll and contracts. You can either manage your new team directly as if they were your own internal staff, or we can provide a full outsourced solution.

Affordable Access to Skilled Professionals
Gain access to a talent pool of experienced, English-fluent professionals to boost your contact centre and back office capabilities at a competitive rate.
Onshore & Nearshore Staffing
Choose from our diverse range of onshore and nearshore staffing options to best suit your requirements and budget.
Seamless Integration
Our professionals easily integrate with your existing teams, streamlining operations and fostering collaboration.
Flexible Commitment
Adjust staffing levels and duration based on your specific needs, ensuring cost-effective workforce management.


We can hire onshore and offshore staff for you to perform the following functions:

Contact Centre
With CDM Direct you can either fully outsource your contact centre or we can employ experienced agents on your behalf to supplement your internal teams and extend your capacity.
Back Office
Whatever back office functions you need performing - order processing, data entry, case management - CDM Direct can hire experienced staff and train them to use your systems.
CDM Direct can hire experienced book keepers, ledger clerks, payroll clerks and accountants to help you with all aspects of your business finances.
Virtual Assistants
Whether you need help with admin, digital marketing, order processing, or diary management, CDM Direct can hire experienced VAs for your team based onshore or nearshore.
CDM Direct can provide experienced B2C and B2B telesales agents and appointment setters that can help you fill your order book and your meetings calendar.
Sometimes you need experts to support your customers or employees on using your systems, products or navigating internal policies - and we can provide and train the experts you need.
IT Support
Our expert staff can provide your whole organisation with IT support including setting up and configuring your internal systems and cloud services from your email to your website and CRM.
Case Management
A huge part of customer service is fixing problems for your customers using a ticketing or case management system - CDM Direct can provide the brains to investigate, solve and communicate.
HR Support
From registering to onboarding to payroll, there's a lot of admin involved in hiring people - lighten the load on your internal team with support from CDM Direct's qualified HR staff.

What would you like to achieve today?

Even if you do not know exactly what services you need, you probably do know what business results you want to achieve. Whether that's to reduce your costs, improve your customer metrics, make more sales, or use technology to transform CX, use this form to get in touch for an initial chat about your goals.

What Would You Like to Achieve

What Staff Leasing Can Do For You?

We provide comprehensive training and invest in state-of-the-art technology so the staff we employ for you can deliver to the same level as your in-house teams, all while saving you money on labour costs.

Goodbye to Staff Shortages

Tap into our abundant pool of skilled, educated, and English-fluent professionals in Fiji addressing staffing challenges faced by contact centres in Australia and New Zealand. As the cost of operating in Fiji is much lower than onshore, we pass those savings on to you.

Manage Your Resources More Efficiently

We have teams available who are capable of handling customer interactions, back office tasks, and many other business functions, meaning you can upsize or downsize whenever you want with complete flexibility.

Access to an Upskilled Workforce Without the Hassle

Creating a quality in-house team can be a costly investment, so instead, co-source a portion of your customer support centre or back office with CDM Direct to supplement your existing team, and leverage support from staff who specialise in customer service.

Results we have delivered

Our Case Studies

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Reduced headcount by 18 leading to a 30% cost saving on product recall campaign
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Scandia – outsourcing customer to improve grade of service

Reduction in customer complaints and 29% boost in grade of service
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