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Offshore & Nearshore Solutions

Our wide range of offshore & nearshore services are tailored to meet your specific needs


Always Answer Your Customers

Adding a nearshore or offshore contact centre service to support your in-house operation lets you deal with seasonal and unexpected peaks in demand more smoothly and cost-effectively.

Solve Staff Shortages

Whether you fully outsource or use us for overflow, you get instant access to highly-skilled and educated workers, experienced in customer service, who speak fluent English with a neutral accent.


Cost Reduction with No Loss of Quality

From Fiji we can offer cost savings of up to 50% – on a par with the Philippines – while maintaining the same high standard of service quality and customer experience you would expect onshore.

Flexible Location Strategy & Scalability

With locations in Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji, we can build onshore, nearshore, offshore or hybrid solutions to your budget and needs – giving you 24/7 coverage and the ability to scale.

Customised Brand-Oriented Solutions

Offshore and onshore we work for many well-known brands that have strong voices of their own – our job is to deliver the right experience that meets your customers’ expectation of your brand.

Cloud Technology & Omnichannel

We have invested in a proprietary cloud-based customer conversational platform which enables cost-effective, seamless communication across all digital channels, regardless of location.

Experience the benefits of cost savings and a skilled, ready-to-go talent pool with CDM Direct's reliable and secure offshore & NEARSHORE Outsourcing SOLutions.

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